About Us

Locum doctors is a comprehensive Healthcare Professional Placement Portal based in Delhi NCR, exclusively designed to benefit the mutual interest of Doctors and Hospitals. We are focused on strengthening the healthcare Industry by providing part-time jobs to the Motivated and Talented Doctors hence help them propel their careers. We are exclusive consultants to multiple hospitals when it comes to recruitment and assistance.

With many unadvertised positions available on our database and exclusive supplier contracts to multiple hospitals, we offer the aspiring doctors to avail the best on call jobs. Our reputation for providing a high level of services are unequaled in the healthcare sector. From a hospital point of view we believe, that the true value of our service lies in the ease of management by managing the entire recruitment and relocation process on their behalf. In the similar way, for doctors we help them choose their own working hours and achieve the work/life balance they’ve been dreaming of with our flexible doctor jobs and medical jobs at every stage of healthcare career.

We offer our hospitals in this sector with short term and long term solutions to meet their workforce requirements by providing doctors fit to work for NABH NABL accorded hospitals. We understand that workforce is the most valuable asset hence all of our candidates are highly talented, experience and enthusiastic for locum jobs. This gives our clients the dual benefit of the comprehensive understanding of their needs with accurate matches of the required candidates. With an extensive database of locally based doctors, we strive to provide the right person in the right job every time because everybody has right to get the best- whether you are a Doctor looking for a job or if you are a hospital looking for a Doctor.

At Locum doctors , we look forward to supporting you in all your professional endeavors for years to come.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to provide an improved healthcare system in Delhi NCR by taking care of all the aspect of candidates, clients, and stakeholders with an exceptional experience. We thoroughly ensure that all individual needs are met promptly and efficiently every time.

Our Values:

Our values lie in the quality of service we provide to our customers be it hospitals or doctors. We believe in Consistency, Efficiency, and Accuracy of the work. We are highly sensitive to deliver our promise.